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ATG CEO Hasse Skarplöth in interview before the multi-pot pot on Saturday on V75


Hasse Skarplöth in front of the record jackpot • Hysterine • Reactions: "Great hope there"


Hasse Skarplöth.


There is a game hysteria in Sweden before Saturday's V5 record single jackpot where a single player can take home at least 120 million.

Trav365 took the lead of CEO, ATG Hasse Skarplöth, 46.

"My feeling is that there is a big wait there in the booths," he says.

Saturday, February 27, 2010 at Axelvalla hit the winning record of the V75.

Then, only one player earned 67.3 million.

On Saturday, the record can trigger everyone when the Eskilstuna V75 round draws a multi-chip pot of at least 120 million crowns to a single winner.

Trav365 took the pulse of 46-year-old ATG CEO, Hasse Skarplöth, in front of the historic round of a new sales record.

– Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of a hasty sales record on the V75, on November 7, 1998, SEK 188 million was traded. This record we aim to fight, it's hard to predict, but we have to put big ribs on. Here we are looking for and it is a unique situation. What we know is that we will probably have a higher refund now Saturday than 20 years ago, he says, and continues:

"If we return 220 million crowns and if we do not have a jackpot, we will pay players 220 million crowns, which means 100% reimbursement, there is not much to offer.

"Prepare us for months"

Hasse Skarplöth notes that it is a different week after months of preparation.

"We have been taxed and trained for months and it's a little weird that it's already on Nov. 10. The ambition is that V75 should be on everyone's lips this week, in general, and Saturday in particular, I feel we've succeeded and watched statistics on a regular basis. It's more than ever before in a V75 round.

How do you observe the spokes in Sweden?

– V75 and multijackpott are everywhere; in newspapers, online, around the lunch table. We see increased pressure in ATG stores and in our customer service. There are already thousands of customers who have returned to ATG stores and have hoped for the offer we have with a Harry Boy for a crown.

– This common bang for a V75 runs: what stacks are in shape, starting pieces that take the tip, and so on. The interest I feel is greater than ever. Everybody knows there is more money than ever to play on Saturday.

"What's fun is that all parts of the company are involved. IT department, so that all work systems, the market department and sales to view our stores." My feeling is that there is a big wait there in the booths. dreams a little bigger this weekend.

"Always Focus"

It has become a bit of irritation from many players when you chose to freeze all the jackpot money for this recent round. How much did you take this criticism?

"Players are and should always be in focus, we've canceled the jackpot community a couple of weeks ago, and so I've met the gun fire, and now I feel that everything is focused on fighting this jackpot.

Have you been to a similar hysterics game during your time at ATG?

– No, I never did. The Elit Rally is a feast for our players and people from around the world come to this party party. This is something else. I have never noticed the commitment I feel from our customers and already seems to be in sales, although most of it is Saturday. We settled on Tuesday before, and we have already doubled last week in turnover.

"Surely you can worry …"

How much do you think Saturday?

– I think about it ten times a day, ha ha. It is very operational and we make sure we do a good job. The ambition is that as many people as possible will be at this party.

Do you feel any pressure when it focuses so much?

"No, of course you can worry about things that can go wrong, but I do not feel pressure, but it will be a good experience.

Can you describe what a pot for gaming and tragedy in Sweden means?

"We have a tough nucleus of sports players and enthusiasts who follow us every Saturday." The important thing that multijackpot has is that we can get more in that community. those who have never been with. And that applies to both the game and at least the sport.

How will you follow the game?

"I would have preferred to attend the Eskilstuna party, but unfortunately for reasons of work and driving my children's sports activities, I will not be able to watch TV4 and

V75 Saturday has a pause at 16.20. As usual, you will receive the hot tips and best tips in the live Trav365 chat, starting at 3pm on Saturday.

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