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Black Friday – shows the opposite


Black Friday – Counter-responses look like – Smålands-Tidningen


As the Black Summer concept has become more and more stable in Sweden, counter-reactions have also emerged.


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Snow last month raises major wounds in the social housing sector budget. The snow budget is already empty.
"It's frustrating because these parts are hard to influence," says Mikael Wärnbring, head of Social Development.

After months of serious debate over the Fritidsgårdens scene, the Autumn Blonde Autumn Music Actress was introduced. Now, Teatertolvan takes a new perspective and announces that the musical will be for the first time in the Olsberg arena.

In May, the company's fair will return to Aneby. Companies and associations have the opportunity to present themselves to the inhabitants of Aneby.
"It's a sandwich table with everything Aneby has to offer," says Ola Gustafsson.

This weekend is the time for Hult's Christmas market. 23 exhibitors are ready to meet about 400-500 visitors.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Marcus Axelsson left the Eksjö municipality and the role of general manager in the growth and development sector instead of becoming the new CEO of Jönköping Destination. Now the work begins to find its successor.
"We start the recruitment process on Wednesday," says Tord du Rietz, deputy director.

The basic salary for a paid regional politician will be 75,500 months since January. Only twice, the best paid official wins this year, Agneta Jansmyr has 151,000 per month. We have the full list of top seven top manager employees with the year's growth.

The situation at Furulundskolan is difficult. Additional efforts have been added to the school as the central student health team, which will remain for Christmas. What happens after the end of the year is still unclear.
"We have to work actively to gain this competence so that it is available at school all the time," says Bengt-Olov Södergren, head of the school.

The water and sanitation tax will increase considerably next year. For Aneby Environment & Water is a bad deal.

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