Saturday , May 28 2022

Christer Sjögren's honest words about tears on television


In the Saturday program it was time for Big Rapper to be highlighted – as the fifth artist this season.

For Christer Sjögren he became an emotional day. He chose to play the "father's song" – which he thought fit more than good.

– The song is in the middle of the point. He wrote a song that literally matches the relationship with my father. It's so incredibly strong, says Christer Sjögren at Expressen.

Christer Sjögren talks about how close he and his father have stopped each other – and in the program he complains when he talks about it.

– You have feelings for such songs. I'm almost so laughing and crying. I'm glad I have access to my entire emotional registry. There is a section that stops, but what is the meaning then?

Now it's eight years since Christer Sjögren's father died, aged 85. Christer Sjögren is pleased to have had a long time with his father – his mother has already left at the age of 54.

Christer Sjögren: "He's crying clearly?"

Now he says about the reason for his strong feelings.

When he received the text Stors, all the memories came back, he said.

– It's beautiful memories. But did I even cry my father? I do not know. Then you can feel when time is coming to an end. It was so positive that I was reminded of my father's time.

"Life goes so fast and you can hardly afford it," he says.

Throughout his life, the relationship between Christer Sjögren and his father was mild. When Christer became older, they had a friendly relationship.

– He was a very beautiful man, my father. He was cool and friendly, he helped everyone and wanted to do everything.

In the program, he has a photo with him and his father, which he sends to the participants before his show. Something that was his idea, says executive program executive Martin Nygren.

"It was a nice initiative, it was good, but it was certainly his idea.

"I can not write good songs like him"

His interpretation of "The Song of the Father" was warmly welcomed by the other participants. Mare then told Express that he asked Christer Sjögren to make the song several times during the evening – something that was not seen in the program.

"It was a big piano in the living room where we had our later parties. I asked Christer to play it and then played live for me at the piano while I rounded up the evening and drank beer. I just "can not drive it again." She ended up asking him to drive him all the time, because I thought he was so cruel, Stor says.

Christer Sjögren says it was the best note he can have.

– Now I can not write good songs like him, but it was like writing the text like my father. When you become an artist when you are concerned.

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