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Dante, from Falkenberg, for 12 years, has disappeared – that's all we know


It was Tuesday, aged 12 Dante he did not come home after he went with his dog. The dog was found, but not Dante. News24 reported previously about the event.

Several hundred traveled from all over the country to Falkenberg to help and search.

Here's all we know about disappearance:


Dante is 12 years old and has Down syndrome. It has a height of 140 centimeters high, narrow body and blond hair in the ears.

Black shoes with reflex

After her disappearance, Dante had a blue jacket with hood and black shoes with reflections.

What happened?

Dante walks with the family dog. The dog returned, but not Dante.

Where did he disappear?

It was last seen in the Tröingeberg district, Falkenberg, and was declared missing at 18 o'clock.

There are no traces

It's been almost a day since Dante's disappearance, and no track was found after him. And, according to the police, they have not much to do in search.

Traffic was stopped

On Wednesday, rail traffic was halted on the West Coast to search through the area without speed trains bypassing. But there was also hope that Dante could stay in a train or take a bus.

Dante disappeared in Falkenberg.
Dante left with the family dog. The dog found at home, but not Dante. Image source: PRIVATE / POLICE

What does the police say?

Police can not rule out any kind of crime, and a preliminary investigation into the human rights law has been carried out on Wednesday.

The police urge everyone in Falkenberg to pass through their plots.

"We want to invite everyone in Falkenberg to pass through their land, in buildings, in cars or elsewhere where they might be," says Peter Adlersson, police spokesman for News24.

The boy's parents do not think Dante can find her home and they ask for help.

According to the police, he may have been scared or afraid, which might have made him hide.

News24 spoke to the missing peoples Tessan Jigfjord, press officer for the disappearance of Dante. Searching for and preparing for the evening and night will continue the same as the last day.

Earlier this Wednesday there were 500 volunteers who helped to search.

"But now that people have left the job, there are many more. There are certainly 300 others waiting and waiting for the maps to join and look for the night.

Essentially, missing people are looking for a person, but everything is interesting in search.

Tessan continues:

– We're looking for everything. Faces, broken branches, grass can be trampled, give everything.

As for Dante's dignity, Tessan Jigfjord thinks no need for that.

"It would have been different if we were looking for an adult person. But now it's a child and we find him, so we know he is," she continued.

Looking for drones

Peter Rangerby from Missing Persons is in place and looking for a dron, hoping to find the boy.

– She had a blue jacket, so I'm looking for it. I flew along the water to see if I can make any finding, he says GP.

Military in place

Searching for the army began on Wednesday.

– And certainly a hundred volunteers. Helicopters are also engaged in search, Peter Adlersson continues to News24.

"We're looking for something that does not belong to nature, like keys, clothes, and wallet," she says Anton Andersson, military from the Halland Air Defense Register, to the GP.

The search also includes several dog patrols, as well as helicopters circulating in the area. At Vinberg's church, the police have tips, GP reports.

Militars on a meadow.
The army is looking for Dante in Falkenberg. Image source: TT / ANDERS ANDERSON

We found clothes

In the area where Dante would have disappeared, Missing people found a clothing suit on Wednesday afternoon. But it's not clear whether it belongs to Dante, reports Aftonbladet.

But the missing peoples Tessan Jigfjord does not think the shirt belongs to Dante.

"If it were Dante, we would have been redirected and asked to look for this area and we did not get it," News24 said.

Preparing for the dark

Soon the search lasted a day and you still have no idea where Dante might be. And preparations for looking for green and darkness are now taking place.

News24 previously wrote about Layla, who was lost and found alive after four years. You can read more about this here.

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