Thursday , June 8 2023

Five hospitalizations shot after Gothenburg Post


The shooting alert was on Saturday night at 21.22 at the police station and a major police operation is currently underway at a Mölnlycke address.

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According to the information, police officers have to inspect the cars in the area. The police report to the GP reporter that you bought a car.

In the West, police president Tommy Nyman sums up the situation:

"After nine o'clock in nine o'clock, we will have a conversation about taking a party room. Once we find more people are injured, says Nyman.

Ola Nilsson, head of the SOS Alarm Team, said that two different questions arose in the evening at Mölnlycke. Both alarms came in at the same time and geographically positioned close to each other.

– In both cases, the police. In one case, three people were hospitalized with an ambulance. In the second, Two people, she says.

It is unclear what lies

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Tommy Nyman states that the people in the hospital fired injuries. There is no information about the condition for the injured.

The police launched the previous Saturday night attempted murder investigation.

As a result many people questioned and blocked a large area around the party room. According to GP reporter in place, Anders Abrahamsson, the police are looking for the area waiting for technicians. Multiple locations mugs were selected.

It is not clear behind the shooting.

"Now we can not say anything," said Tommy Nyman.

But he also says:

"We have a good idea of ​​what it is all about.

Are the stakeholders familiar with you?

– I can not say that.

At present, the police want to leave more information, but it is currently undergoing intensive investigative work.

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