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Fraud fraud almost doubled – Pages



"Yes, Hi, someone is trying to access your account. Can you identify yourself with your bank ID to stop fraud?"

In this regard, an appeal may sound from someone who claims to have called from a bank or authority to stop a fraud attempt. In fact, they are on the other side of the phone, who are deceiving.

This has become a growing problem of fraud, says Lotta Mauritzson, criminal investigator at the National Police Fraud Center (NBC).

The new phenomenon

Fraud for people with disabilities, including those aged over 65, increased by 94% in the first nine months of the year, compared to the same period last year, according to NBC statistics.

Mauritzson argues that telephone fraud, as above, is a relatively new phenomenon that can partly explain the high growth.

It is a growing problem, especially among the elderly, says Mauritzson.

She believes that the elderly suffer from two reasons: first, criminals know they often have money in the bank. Secondly, the elderly may not have the same understanding of technology with the younger generation.

Then you get a lot of stress when you think your account is going to be a county. Then identify yourself without really thinking.

You may have a little ice there and put the receiver on. Then you can call your bank and check it out.

70 million

Deceptive sums of offenders in August and September this year totaled SEK 70 million for the two months. Unfortunately, the figures for October appear to be at the same level, says Lotta Mauritzson.

TT: What do you know about the people behind the fraud?

There are several groups that deal with this. They often have links with serious organized crime, "Mauritzson said.

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