Tuesday , March 21 2023

"I do not have a TV or a computer"


Therese Berglund, 37, Professor, Själevad.

Therese Berglund, 37, Professor, Själevad:

"I'm trying not to make a shower so much and have not turned into rooms where nobody is." We also look at solar energy, but we wait a little, we want to see how it will be with the contributions and the new government.

Bengt-Olow Nordin, 60, driver, Gnarp.

Bengt-Olow Nordin, 60, driver, Gnarp:

– I installed a heat pump and a wood burning stove a few years ago. In this way, we reduced our annual electricity consumption from around 25,000 kilowatts to 16,000 kilowatts.

Thomas Wiking, 65, retired, Sundsvall.

Thomas Wiking, 65, retired, Sundsvall:

"I'm trying to use as many energy-saving products as possible. Low energy consumption lamps and appliances that do not consume too much.

Elsa Weiss, 16, student, Sundsvall.

Elsa Weiss, 16, Student, Sundsvall:

– I always remove all chargers when I have used them clearly. I'm trying to stop the lights that should not shine. Hours of lighting are also very good.

Carola Sköld, 48, working broker, Matfors.

Carola Sköld, 48-year-old broker, Matfors:

– I have steam showers instead of using hot water. And I installed a heat pump in the house.

Sven-Erik Karlberg, aged 76, retired, Ånge.

Sven-Erik Karlberg, 76, pensioner, Ånge:

– It is a good thing to fill the dishwasher properly and do not clean until it is full. Do not waste hot water by unnecessarily handing out the dishes. Then you do not have to be lit everywhere.

Tina Höglund, 66, Specialist, Ånge.

Tina Höglund, 66 years old, Specialist, Ånge:

– We have been sent to our family for many years, we started very early. I do not use the lights unnecessarily, when I lived in the houses, there was a lot of light in the name of the myth.

Kerstin Wiklund, 65, retired, Ånge.

Kerstin Wiklund, 65, pensioner, Ånge:

"We live in homes and install a heat pump for air, we will actually move on to a new and more efficient 15 years. We use energy-saving lamps as much as possible.

Emil Furberg, 19, studied Skellefteå.

Emil Furberg, 19, is studying Skellefteå:

– I do not have a TV or a computer, just a phone. I closed everything when I used it clearly. Only light shines at times.

Annelie Andersson, 53, Professor, Gene.

Annelie Andersson, 53, Professor, Gene:

"We have rock heat to save a lot of energy. We also replaced all lamps with low-energy lamps.

Henrik Lindqvist, 42, senior pensioner, Överhörnäs.

Henrik Lindqvist, 42, senior pensioner, Överhörnäs:

– I'm thinking about this minimally when I live in a rented apartment.

Barbro Risshall, 77, pensionat, Sundsvall.

Barbro Risshall, 77, senior citizen, Sundsvall:

"I'm trying to cook behind, among other things, and there are no needlessly many electrical appliances running at the same time.

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