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Ilon Wikland receives an honorary prize at Augustgalan


An icon of the Swedish children's literature will be awarded to the first honorary prize of the Association of Swedish Publishers. The illustrator Ilon Wikland receives the Augustgalan prize in the concert hall on Monday.

Ilon Wikland receives the honorary award of the Swedish Settlement Association. Photo Archive.picture: Noella Johansson / TT

It is best known for his illustrations of Astrid Lindgren's books. Generations of children and young people grew up with the photos of the children in Bullerbyn, the brothers Lejonhjärta and Ronja Rövardotter.

Ilon Wikland was born in 1930 in Estonia and came to Sweden in 1944. About her destiny as a refugee child alone, it was said in the autobiographical book "The Long, Long Trip", which came in 1995.

In Sweden, he graduated from Akke Kumli Art School and sought a job at Rabén & Sjögren in the early 50s. It was Astrid Lindgren, who immediately saw that Ilon could "draw stories" and asked him to test illustrations on Lindgren's new "Mio, my Mio" book.

But Ilon Wikland also illustrated other author's articles, including Edith Unnerstad's children's books, as well as children's written and illustrated books about the Sammeli dog.

In the Editor's Association, Ilon emphasizes the unique position and "special importance" of the writer for children's literature in Sweden. "Her pictures have characterized and inspired children for generations," she says, and also points out that her pictures have had an "indisputable influence on new illustrators around the world.

The honor prize was set up this year to commemorate a living creator who has created works of lasting value.


Ilon Wikland

Born: 1930 in Dorpat, Estonia.

Background: After divorce, she grew up with her grandparents in Haapsalu. In 1944 she fled as a warrior in Sweden. Educated by Akke Kumlien at the School of Arts and Crafts and Signe Barth's School of Painting. In 1954, she was commissioned to illustrate Astrid Lindgren's book "Mio, my Mio".

She illustrated: Among most of the books by Astrid Lindgren, Edith Unnerstads about the books of Pip-Larsson and Hans Peterson's Magnus.

Kuriosa: Karlsson on the roof was a rough tactic to brack for Ilon Wikland. Astrid Lindgren thought she looked like a room in the first version and that Wikland had to subscribe to it. Eventually he found Karlsson's model in the halls of Paris: a thick and beautiful man, old, troll and brushed hair.

Actual: As beneficiary of the Swedish Publishers Association's honorary prize. It will be distributed on Augustgalan on November 26th.

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