Thursday , June 1 2023

Influenza vaccination time – Better protection than before


Kristin Pettersson is one of many who chose to vaccinate at Brunnsgårdens Health Center in Karlshamn. Currently, six nurses currently work intensively to vaccinate nearly 2,000 people during the week.

– It's obvious to me. I never thought of anything else. Some do not take it because they are afraid of side effects, but for me it feels like a certainty, "says Kristin Pettersson.

May threaten life

For the vast majority of people affected by influenza it is not very serious, although, of course, a few days fever and pain can be so heavy. But for those in a risk group, such as over 65 or a pregnant woman, a disease can be significantly worse.

– The older you are or the more chronically ill, you are more likely to get to a hospital. And those who get into a flu hospital are at high risk of getting sick or even dying, "says Blekinge, a health-care doctor, Bengt Wittesjö.

Extended vaccine

However, this year's vaccine is expected to protect better than in previous years.

What's new this year is that we use a vaccine that protects against four different flu types instead of three as in previous years.

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