Saturday , May 28 2022

Kim Bergstrand and Thomas Lagerlöf take over Djurgården


Now it is clear and presented:

Aik, the former gold heroes Kim Bergstrand and Thomas Lagerlöf take over Djurgården after Özcan Melkemichel.

"There was no doubt about taking over Djurgården based on what I did as a player," Kim Bergstrand said.

The most awaited football news today?

That 47-year-old Thomas Lagerlöf and 47-year-old Kim Bergstrand take over Djurgården's football team.

Tränarduon, who resigned yesterday from Sirius, is now presented as a new coach for Dif, where Özcan Melkemichel announced yesterday he is leaving the club.

"Kim and Thomas did a good job in Sirius, where they played an attractive and rewarding football, a modern football," said Bosse Andersson when he presented the duo who wrote a three-year contract.

"Very impressed"

"It feels good, it will be interesting to work in a club that perceives very well maintained, with good conditions and a lot of crowds," says Thomas Lagerlöf.

Kim Bergstrand:

"I was very impressed with Djurgården's work, he is a very trusting club in himself and with good self-esteem.

"Threat Europaplats"

Discussions based on the fact that the duo took gold with AIK and is now about to train Djurgården does not give the duo too much.

"There was no hesitation in taking over the job in Djurgården, depending on what I did as a player, I worked with football in 1985 and I belonged to five clubs in Stockholm County," says Bergstrand, who explains the goal to be to live with colleague Lagerlöf.

"We have achieved a clear goal for Djurgården, it is a threat to Europeans every year and then we compete for the most noble medals. To do well in time is the chance to get the best.

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