Saturday , October 1 2022

Kristianstad meeting – more people to become policemen – News in Kristianstad – 24 hours a day


This summer, national policeman Anders Thornberg joined the SVT agenda with police must recruit 10,000 people in the next six years. Twice more people have to be hired to cover policemen retiring. Efforts are now being made to attract more people to seek police school and train in the profession.

See you Monday On November 12, there will be an information session in Polish Kristianstad. There they will say about the profession, the education and the admission process. There is also a chance to ask questions. This affirms authority on the Facebook page.

November is one of the months you can apply to police school. Earlier next year, a trial will be conducted in either Stockholm or Malmö. Education begins in the fall of 2019.

Similar meetings are also held in Helsingborg, Växjö, Oskarshamn and Malmö. Below is a movie with Emil police that the authority posted before the meeting:

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