Friday , March 31 2023

Malmö in Europe after Hammarby's score


In the shadow of the golden struggle across Sweden, a fight for the last place for a place in the Europa League was made.

The match was between Hammarby and Malmö FF.

Bajen to Östersund at the Jämtkraft Arena where both teams left for victory.

Malmö to Elfsborg in Skåne.

Hammarby created a goal kick in the first minutes of the match, by Maumer Tankovic, who passed away.

Hammarby has created many good chances the first 45 minutes, a handful of corners, but they had difficulty in efficiency.

Östersund's goalkeeper Aly Keita was also safe between posts.

Östersund was not harmless in his contradictions and created a mess in the back line of Hammarby.

The scoreboard now read 0 – 1. The game had been on for 30 minutes when Edwards scored from the penalty spot. Ronald Mukiibi came in to finish the match.

Even before mid-term Dino Islamovic sent a ball on the left, but his shot from the left glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net.

Hammarby goalkeeper Davor Blazevic was out of control.

2-0 did not reflect the events after the first half, but the Hammarled team opposed the players in front of the other.

Nikola Djurdjic, Bajen's skytungung, put 1-2 in his spare time more than five minutes after he started.

And in the 70th minute, Hammarby condemned a penalty kick by Jiloan Hamad.

Seven minutes later, the home team shocked Bajen by 3-2.

A delicious finish of Jerell Sellars.

Hammarby scrambled for 90 minutes of Vladimir Rodic, but never managed to achieve a victory goal that led Bajer to Europe.

"Östersund did a good job, I did another good game and demonstrated my mental strength and I came back twice," says Jiloan Hamad.

Instead, Malmö became FF, making AIK and Norrköping a company in Europe.

Hammarby can be based assumes that one of the top troops from all over Sweden wins the Swedish Cup this spring so the team qualifies for the Europa League.

Malmö FF took third place all over Sweden, defeating Elfsborg 2-0 after a strong second half, where Markus Rosenberg and Marcus Antonson scored the goals.

"It is bad to lose the European team on a bigger gap," said Jiloan Hamad.

A hard end to Hammarbyikonen Kennedy Bakircioglu who made his last match.

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