Monday , June 27 2022

Musk: Tesla was just weeks from bankruptcy


"I was really close to death."

Tesla was only weeks from bankruptcy this summer. That's what CEO Elon Musk says in an interview with Axios, which was broadcast on HBO on Sunday.

Musk told the interview that the company blew money at a violent pace when actively working to achieve the Model 3 production target in spring and summer.

"I worked so much that I only managed seven days a week at that time. I slept in the factory, no one has to wear that, it was painful."

According to the Musk serial contractor, Tesla was just weeks away from bankruptcy.

"We were really close to death and if we did not meet the problems we had," Musk said in the TV interview.

Elon Musk previously said that the only US carmakers who were not bankrupt at any given time are Tesla and Ford. At the same time, he said the risk is high that Ford can not cope with the next economic downturn.

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By 2018, Tesla's share has sharply moved up and down, but now stands at nearly 5% for the year. In three years, stock rose by 40%.

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