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Pokemon makes the Switch entry


"Pokemon: Let's Go" is released in two editions. It's about a player who wants to start with Pikachu Yellow or Brown Eevee. Focusing on the two favorites is a conscious choice of developers for players to link their monster closer.

"It was something I really wanted with these games to increase the ability to tie a band with your poker partner monkey, even more than you could do before. It's not just the coach that makes things come close to his poker monkey, but Pikachu and Eevee do things to get closer to the coach. It's a two-way relationship, says director Junichi Masuda at Game Freak developer at

Named in Kantoregionen

The player is in the role of the Pokémont coach for the first time in a colorful three-dimensional world in which to capture little cute monsters to become a champion.

Some news has been borrowed from the popular Go game, including the ability to facilitate sample capture using berries. Effective throw with the ball is made with a wrist knot with one of the switch commands.

– We have developed this title as something that can be enjoyed by our old fans, those who are new to Pokémon and even professional players. This is a poker game for everyone, "said Kensaku Nabana, responsible for the emergence of the gaming world, in a video interview published by Nintendo, where game creators responded to fan questions.

Director Junichi Masuda has been involved in all poker monitors so far. But this will probably be the last one he leads, says in an interview with "Pokémon let go" means a return to the so-called Cantonese region, because the first Pokémon game took place and 151 original monsters live.

"Of course, I felt nostalgic. Even when I saw one of the coaches from a coach, I felt very nostalgic when I remembered from the beginning, but not only did I know nostalgia, but I also felt that we created some of our memories, "says Masuda director in video interviews.

Coupled with "Go"

Switching multiple ways to play has also caused developers problems. To solve them, they have chosen to simplify and allow the player to use only one of the two console commands. It was also possible to play two players in the living room.

The switch is also equipped with Bluetooth, which means that players who play the "Pokemon go" mobile game can now move their mobile monsters to the Switch game.

Acts: Pokemon

Pokemon means "pocket monster" and is a role-playing game developed for the Nintendo Handheld Gameboy console and launched in 1996. The game is about capturing some nice monsters and has become a great success.

In 2016 came the game in the mobile version "Go", which has also become a success story.

"Pokemon: Let's go to Pikachu!" respectively "Eevee" is the first poker game for Switch, and can be seen as a reminder of the "Pokémon yellow version", which was a version of the original game.

The game was released on November 16th.

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