Friday , February 3 2023

RNA applications reach record levels


Last year, reports to the General Complaints Committee (NRA) rose to record levels. A total of 27,863 cases were received, an increase of 35% compared to the previous year, when 20,713 cases were received. Behind the growth are, perhaps not so surprisingly, restrictions due to the crown pandemic, which has affected several industries.

– Restrictions by the Swedish and foreign authorities have meant that many concerts, sporting events and trips have been canceled, which are the cases that increased the most last year, says Marcus Isgren, head of RNA.

In the general business category of RNA – which includes concerts, theater performances and sporting events – registrations increased to 6,130 last year, compared to 3,371 the previous year.

Frustration and despair

Travel cases increased to 9,461, which can be compared to 5,346 the previous year.

Many airlines have promised to reimburse customers for canceled trips, which did not happen due to the fact that the companies do not have money. In turn, this gave rise to disputes.

– Usually, when people contact us, they are bothered by the dispute with the company in question. What you can see now is that many travel customers feel that they have been promised to get their money back, but they still do not receive it. It’s another kind of frustration, with more despair, says Marcus Isgren.

He continues:

– Many of those who contact us also express that they consider that the companies claim that they are not responsible for reimbursement or compensation for travel or events canceled or postponed due to an extraordinary situation. But in the same way, consumers feel that there is no reason for them to pay customers for a concert that never happened.

Consumers were right

In the cases tried last year, the consumer was fully or partially right in 43% of cases, which corresponds to an increase of three percentage points compared to the previous year.

It remains to be seen how consumers will think and think this year, according to Isgren.

Many of those affected by, for example, canceled trips or advanced concerts in 2020 have accepted that events have been moved instead or that travelers who have been left without their trip have received a voucher for another trip within a year. .

“That year is over soon.” Will these consumers report? And will those who have been promised that concert has been moved until 2021 accept that it is moved again? We’ll see, says Marcus Isgren.

Åsa Johansson / TT

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