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Swedish basketball soups are ready for basketball EM 2019



Amanda Zahui.

A year ago, he had no idea about the national team.
But Louise Halvarsson brought Sweden to the European Championship despite losing to Italy.
"So far, something can happen," the star said.

Sweden had to win Italy to be sure of a seat in the EM basket. But even a second place in the group could be enough depending on the results of the other groups.

Sweden started well and had 15-19 after the first period. Then they lost everything.

Italy made 21-6 in the second period and went to a 40-21 line at half time.

"It feels totally ill"

But then Louise Halvarsson took a step forward. Steaua, who returned to the basketball court in January after two years of absence because of interrupted health and birth, took Sweden back in the game and assured that under the head was only 41-50 before the last one.

Sweden continued the takeover and only three points remained with three minutes. Italy managed to keep it together and win the match with 62-56.

But it did not matter for those Swedes who also qualify for the European Championship as one of the best six group groups.

– She feels completely sick. It was a bit weird to celebrate when we lost, but we did what we needed, Halvarsson says.

You thought that a year ago?

– No, maybe I did not think about it a year ago. But it was a good time to come back after my health and I became a mother and it will be so fun to play the third EM.

"Can take the medal"

Steaua decided to bet on the national team when François Gomez took over the national team – and then was cheated by the twins Eldebrink.

– We're sitting on her. I always knew she had this potential, and she was almost and better now that she became a mother. It was a match with others, says Frida Eldebrink.

Guarden was the best player against Italy with 19 points. Now she and Halvarsson believe in EM.

"If we meet, we can get a medal, we have a tremendous potential in the team, and now we have more time to work together, we still have not found it with a hundred percent," says Eldebrink.

Halvarsson agrees.

– I think something can happen this time. We'll see who we're joining, I've had something wrong with him before. But we'll get through the group, and then something will happen, she says.

The EM basket is played in Latvia and Slovakia, June 27-July 7, 2019.

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