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That’s why Ebba Andersson doesn’t win



There we obtained our style study from a completely unique skier.

Exactly this good is Ebba Andersson.

That’s exactly what keeps her from winning.

“Who knows, next time might be enough,” Ebba Andersson said after being beaten again. It looks like there’s a system of books in the queue, some red digital numbers that will soon be his turn.

Val di Fiemme’s classic ten was largely the Swedish show. Following in the footsteps of the granite, she was relaxed in two of the four laps and then increased her speed. Rosie Brennan smoked all over the world, Frida Karlsson lost ground, Jessica Diggins sailed panting between her back to cling.

Before the last lap, Ebba Andersson tried to snatch, but the competitors slipped to catch up. A few hundred meters from the gate, he tried to position himself again, but ended up in the middle of the two desired places. He did not catch up with the aspiration of the winner Natalya Neprjajeva, but he did not get rid of Katharina Hennig either. In the descent race, the German let his rival break the wind and then slipped in and entered as the second.

Svahn was not born with the property

Ebba Andersson now has 19 podium places in the World Cup. Zero wins. But who knows what will happen next?

Yes, we can probably say with great precision that even then there will be no victory, whether it is a beginning of a meal or a beginning of hunting that we are talking about. 19 times is not a coincidence. Something needs to change tactically, cynicism is needed for Ebba to go from medal to winner.

I refuse to believe that Linn Svahn or Johannes Hösflot Kläbo were born with the ability to win close races, as some have navels inside and others outside. It is a skill that I master, that you can practice reasonably. What positions are optimal, when to pull and when to sit, how weak can you be in a curve?

Andersson should improve on this. Only then can he exploit the potential that everyone can see that he possesses.

Without a doubt – and without a doubt

All this is said with the realization that the 23-year-old made an excellent contribution to the overall standings of the tournament. She won a few seconds of sprinting and was responsible for maintaining the speed of the crowd without anyone else’s help. If he had run a cowardly race, Brennan would not have fallen as hard on the list of results, for example. A few days ago, Ebba was at the stern, now just seconds away from casting three Frida Karlsson.

So yes. We can look at today’s efforts from different angles, depending on what we want to discuss.

What if Ebba Andersson has a huge engine and the courage to let it run at full speed? What if he showed a mental strength that increased after the miscalculations in Switzerland?


If there is an explanation for the fact that she is often at the top, but does not win even when Johaug is missing and Karlsson is slightly injured?


Of: Kristoffer Bergström



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