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The biggest investigation ever – this is the whole Swedish hockey


Anders Larsson, president of the Swedish ice hockey association. Today, a new series of Swedish hockey can be presented. Photo: Bildbyrån

Investigator Ola Lundberg is ready. Today, he presents the result of his work, the largest serial investigation that Swedish hockey ever did. The League made earlier changes or approved changes to leagues. But this review is unique.

"We have regularly reviewed the elite of the Swedish ice hockey system, but this higher grip, covering the highest three levels, is new in the modern era," says Anders Larsson, president of the Ice Hockey Sweets Association , at Hockeypuls.

But the path to change is complicated – and therefore, the Hockeyp gives a guide on what is going on and what will happen in the future.

4:30 p.m.: Now the investigation is presented – you get answers that can change the Swedish hockey

Hockey Sweden's Guide to the Big Series of Inquiry talks about

What is this investigation going on?

The Swedish ice hockey association chose to investigate the men's Swedish hockey series. This includes the number of teams and relocation and relegation systems for SHL, the whole Swedish hockey team and hockey. Investigator Ola Lundberg met clubs of all series and listened to the various proposals that exist and, based on it, a compilation of how the serial system can look in the future.

Why are you doing this?

Because criticism was tough on how it was designed. Tough wax systems that are hard to sell to the public and that it was too difficult to get up between SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan. For example, the remnants of the old waxy series have been highly criticized.

Was the system bad?

Yes and no, depending on who you are asking. Critics from fans at elite clubs were mostly critical, but despite the fact that the federation launched this investigation, Anders Larsson does not want to say that the current series system was bad.

"No, we do not think the serial system was negative for the Swedish Ice Hockey. We have a well-functioning model, but we have discussed the possibilities of getting up or going out," he says.

Should there be changes?

No, there is no guarantee that the serial system will change, and the serial inquiry can also reach the trash. There are many strong forces and wills in Sweden's hockey, and power is largely in SHL, where money is available. This proposal will be debated, but finally, the districts that vote and those who voted, that is, the heads of the different districts, can be adapted from several directions.

What happens now?

The investigation will be presented on Friday, first at a president's lunch conference, then at a public press conference. The press conference can be seen live on the Hockeypuls. Then we will know what the investigator regards as the best Swedish hockey system based on the views he received during the investigation.

And then?

Yes, there is no guarantee that the investigator's proposal will actually be dealt with. For the delay, the investigation will be sent based on the notification of clubs and districts in the country. The recommendation is made to the board of directors of the Swedish ice hockey association and makes a proposal presented at the federal meeting on 15 June. Then all the districts in the country can vote if you want the proposal.

So when can a new serial system begin to apply?

In the early 2020-21 season, it is said.

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