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The friend refused to give alibi – beaten


When his colleague did not give him an alibi, the 33-year-old was picked up by a knife hiding him from behind. "I hope the police will help you now," he said, then fled, according to the victim.

The police went to Augustenborg Square and found a seriously injured 31-year-old. He told me that his girlfriend had cut him off as a punishment. During the investigation, the police could have proved that the "friend" had bought a knife that fits well with the damage. But it was never found.picture: Patrick Persson police

On August 30, an alarm led to an attack on the Augustenborg Market in Malmö. A heavy bleeding man took a step forward to the fast-food kiosk on the market and asked for help.

The decisive factor for the continued work of the police was that the injured person, 31, appears in a completely different survey. He is interrogated in the trial against a 33-year-old man who was released for the first time, then fired for abuse of his girlfriend.

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Among others, the 33-year-old film when he and his girlfriend had sex and then used the film as an impulse of sexual force.

In a pronounced sentence, judges in the district court – laymen appointed through political assemblies – led the judge to the judge. And he freed man.

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Then he changed the court of appeal: the man was convicted of abuse.

During this trial, for 33 years, he sought support from his old friend for 31 years. He said that at the age of 33 he was in another place where the woman was subjected to the crime.

The 31-year-old said, as it was, and along with other evidence, the 33-year-old was sentenced to imprisonment by the end of August this year.

The attack on the Augustenborg market took place shortly thereafter. How to tell the 31-year-old:

"… someone comes in behind me. At first I thought he was a friend of mine who was joking." When I felt the pain, I went back and saw [33-åringen]. I saw he had a knife. I felt I started bleeding.

It was cut in both legs, on the back. One of the knife sections was at least ten centimeters wide and seems to have been cut with great force through the skin, moss and tendons.

But the 31-year-old did not bloody, but he could seek help, patrolled by a patrol police who got in a few minutes and then-after taking care of the hospital-confessing his "boyfriend."

– He said "the hope that the police will help you now." He said out loud and with an ironic tone on his voice, he said in the interrogation for 31 years.

A clear indication that the 31-year-old witness was a witness.

Consequently, it could be 33 years quickly confiscated and interrogated. He denies the crimes, but at the same time refuses to say what he has done in this day.

Policemen have questioned more people around the two men, including the woman who has been sentenced for 33-year relegation.

In addition, it was mapped that the 33-year-old bought a knife that fits well with the damage.

The knife was not recovered, and the 33-year-old refused to answer questions about his purchase.

My head denies the crimes. He says he was not in his place, says human lawyer Sven-Eric Ohlsson.

Now he is facing the knife attack against his partner. And now there are all other punishments except for the woman's abuse.

For these crimes, he was sentenced to nine months in prison. For the knife attack, he can get at least five years in prison if he is convicted of abusive brutality.

The 33-year-old is not a Swedish citizen, and the prosecutor also demands that he be sentenced to expulsion after a punishment.

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