Saturday , June 10 2023

The shock of Johan Martin – here the worm turns from the toilet


At midnight, Johan-Martin Spik Skum of Jokkmokk was preparing to sleep. He would only meet natural needs and enter the toilet. He could not light the lamp and did not wear his glasses.

"Is the stock in the bathroom?"

But when it was supposed to wash, something was wrong.

"I thought," is that stock in the bathroom? "So I took my glasses and looked at the toilet and it was a worm!

"You have to have a snake movie"

After discovery, Johan-Martin Spik Skum closed the lid and put things hard. Then the owner called the property.

"Then I thought I had to make a worm movie, because if it disappears, I just know it's a worm out there.

Do you like snakes?

– Not goodbye. I have a phobia.

He introduced the police

After a worried night, the owner came in the morning. After an inspection, it was found that the worm remained. The owner took care of the worm and handed it to the police.

– I have no idea what it is for worms and I do not care honestly. We just wanted to eliminate him.

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