Sunday , April 2 2023

The truck driver drank vodka as he was traveling on E4


It was around midnight because a number of E4 drivers called the police. They wanted to alert a truck that started off the road.

The police found the truck on E4 at Ljungby's height. When they succeeded in stopping the Ljungby highway, they quickly realized that the 58-year-old truck driver was very drunk.

– You guess that this person is laughing. When there is a stop in Lagan, the driver gets blown up and then blows over a promil, says Kim Hild, presidential officer at the Sydney Police Station at Smålänningen.

Vodka Sticlei

Next to him, a half-pressed bottle of vodka was in the passenger seat, and the 58-year-old admitted he drowned him during the E4 journey. The truck driver, who is from Lithuania, is now suspected of seriously driving a wheel.

– There were no doubts. I can imagine that it's hard to talk about it, "Kim Hild said.

The 58-year-old could not be interrogated during the night but first slept on polishus.

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