Monday , March 20 2023

VIK super-chain after the success of the score against AIK: "We have something special"


Sunday night, VIK's successful week was finalized by a comfortable 4-1 victory against AIK at Hovet. Earlier this week, someone won against Modo (5-2) and Västervik (4-2).

Therefore, VIK chose nine of nine points. And against AIK, the super-chain of the team was behind three out of four goals.

Lukas Zetterberg made his first hat-trick at the top and all the goals were Kalle Östman's center who served puck. And Marcus Bergman had match points at two finals.

– I do not remember when I made tricks lately. A great fun, but our whole chain works well, and the others deserve attention. I have some good passages, says Zetterberg.

You are up to eleven goals this season – do you describe how it really feels in the target area?

– He has never lost so much to the upper level. It's very funny. Our chain has something special. We find ourselves well and we work extremely hard. Places come for us.

What goal are you most satisfied with?

– Second, when Östman is behind the gaps and I like it. I embraced her nicely.

Lukas Zetterberg, Marcus Bergman and Kalle Östman.

After the show at Hovet, the VIK-trion turned into one of the hottest series in the series. Östman is listed for 4 + 15, Zetterberg 11 + 5 and Bergman 7 + 9.

– It's like Luke says. We work hard on all three. She floats and we should not yell at each other, but find us good, says Östman.

After a strong week – how big is this team?

– Difficult to say. If we play this every night, I think no team is beating us. Obviously, we will have pits, but it's hard work to play as we do today, says Zetterberg.


"We can play this in many games, it's important to work hard every day. If we make the plot with hard work, we'll get a lot of points.

Finally – do you feel quite calm and not immediately super happy after winning AIK?

– Haha, make sure we're happy, but we're not kings. They only won three points. Soon is a new match. It's just a change, "says Zetterberg.

Match report

AIK-VIK 1-4 (1-2, 0-2, 0-0)

First period: 0-1 (5:21) Lukas Zetterberg (Kalle Östman) plays five against four, 0-2 (11:48) Lukas Zetterberg (Kalle Östman, Marcus Bergman), 1-2 (17:17) Max Lindholm.

Second period: 1-3 (24:14) Lukas Zetterberg (Kalle Östman, Marcus Bergman), 1-4 (31:53) Fredrik Hetta (Jonas Liwing, Jesper Johansson).

The third period:.

photos: 31-19.

Trade shows: AIK: 3×2 VIK: 4×2

audience: 3 549.

Kalle Östman.

Lukas Zetterberg.

Marcus Bergman.
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