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Workplace passage has increased activity


People who had a desk walk in the office became physically more physically active during working hours than those who did not have connections. Walls can be a good way to prevent health. However, in order to benefit from health, it is important to review the design of the entire job and also to take into account the way in which physical activity outside the working hours looks.

In her dissertation, Frida Bergman, a doctor at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University, had more than 80 office workers for over 13 months, half of whom had to take a walk in the office and the other half had to work as usual at their height-adjustable office. The band has been invited to use the band for at least an hour a day. Physical activity, sedentary, different body measurements, and brain function were measured periodically during the study. As a conclusion of the study, interviews were conducted on participants' experiences of walking.

The group of walking bands really increased their time and took more steps than the control group. The difference was the highest at first, but it remained significant after 13 months when the group of gangsters had 22 minutes longer walk and took 1600 steps a day than the control group.

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Unlike the positive effects during working hours, both groups reduced their moderate exercise to high intensity in leisure time. Also, there were no significant time differences between groups in different body measurements, such as waist circumference or memory capacity. On the other hand, there was a negative correlation between sedentary sedation and the size of an important memory center in the brain, the hippocampus. Very sedentary was associated with a small hippocampus. This relationship was seen in the older part of the study group, people aged 51 to 67 years. However, more research is needed to say whether a drop in the scaffolding may have positive effects on the hippocampus.

"It can be summed up that walking links provide opportunities for physical activity in offices, but this alone is not a solution in itself without having to work with a series of actions both in the physical work environment and in the work environment social, "says Frida Bergman.

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