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20 minutes – so skiing Switzerland is crying Gian Luca Barandun


In June, they swallowed the hockey air on ice together. Gilles Roulin and Gian Luca Barandun completed the SCL Tigers training. Roulin posted a photo on Instagram, the associated hashtags suggest that the two young skiers were having fun in Langnau: # allizähnodrin # kei2minutemüesseneh.

Now, the smiling man in the white hockey shirt is dead by Speeder Roulin. The image is posted by Roulin again, this time black and white, along with a long message addressed to his approaching colleague. "I've admired you so much for your kind. I've never met a more fearless person than you," Roulin begins. He was inspired to look at the Barandun training, and that always gave you the heart.

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Dear Gian Luca I admired you so much for your kind. I have never met a man more fearless than you. Watching the train was so inspired. You've always given your heart. Impressive was passion, will, dedication. I never told you that before. You probably would not believe me, and yet I would like to have told you. It was not your words but your actions that distinguished you. You have never complained in hard times. In good times, you have always been modest. Without exception, you searched for and found your hair in your soups. Sometimes, you even had to break one that there is one in the soup. At those times, I would love to borrow my eyes, so you'd see what great achievements you made! Sharpened, hard and simple you went in the way. Yeah, you were stubborn, god, you were stubborn. If I were not as stubborn as you, I would have tried to discourage you from time to time. It has always been so easy with you. I often had the feeling that we needed to look at each other and they both knew what they were thinking about each other. But that's not why he was often silent. On the contrary, I laughed tears, because we had so funny together. You have never taken too much to laugh about yourself. Not many have such qualities. And yet, or maybe just for that, you always knew exactly who you are. You have never pretended, never doubted. No role you ever had to play, you always remained yourself. I can trust you all. Your reliability was unique. You've always had new projects. Your curiosity was wonderful and your considerable knowledge. You never had to be proud of it. Because you were aware of your qualities. As you know, I always enjoyed skiing. What you will never know – with you, the joy was ten times bigger each timeA contribution shared by Gilles Roulin ??? (@ gillesroulin7) on

Roulin also writes that he himself has always enjoyed skiing. Ten times greater was joy with Barandun. He was always left to himself, Roulin could confess everything to his friend, tears would laugh together. Probably the hockey training in Langnau.

Gilles Roulin is one of the many Swiss skiers who make their pain public. Wendy Holdener writes about tragic news. And: "Gian-Luca Barandun, a young skier, hard to work, grateful and passionate, left us yesterday. I was sure he would soon be on the podium and he would be the one who would be on the slopes." , inspirational, unmistakable: in the farewells of his teammates are often these characteristics. The descendant rider Mauro Caviezel also describes Barandun as such and as a fighter who will be remembered as a fighter. Sandro Viletta, the 2014 Olympic champion in combination, added also on Instagram: "Unfortunately, a wonderful person and a fair athlete left us yesterday. The rest in Bari peace."

Also, new friend Marco Odermatt ("Friend, Teammate, Fighter, Inspiration, Joie de Vivre") and Olympic Champion Michelle "(I hope you can keep your smile no matter where you are)" and Dominique Gisin in the shade ") commemorates Barandun through the social network. And condolences come from abroad, including from Lindsey Vonn:

The world of skiing has lost a young man, someone who has meant much to his teammates and competitors at the same time and has always remained himself. Remembering a Bari laughter, as Beat Feuz shows on Instagram:

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