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Because of Fasnacht: FCL will lose its game in the glass?


Due to the Lucerna carnival, Lucerna FC could lose home right in the fourth quarter of the Cup against the young boys in Bernese. Now Lucerna has to hope to leave Europe from YB.

Raphael Gutzwiller

The strike between FCL and YB: Simon Grether (left) against Lloris Benito. (Photo by Peter Schneider / Keytone)

The strike between FCL and YB: Simon Grether (left) against Lloris Benito. (Photo by Peter Schneider / Keytone)

The message shocks at first glance. Thanks to Lucerne Fasnacht, FC Luzern might have to give up their home right in the quarter-finals of the Cup. The Lucerna authorities will not approve the match on dirty Thursdays or Wednesday. The reason for this is obviously the blockages in the quality of Lucerne police.

At a second glance, the situation looks better for all fans in Lucerne. The match between Lucerna and YB will take place on March 6 in Lucerne. Because if Bernese does not survive European, then an appropriate date of the game is free. At the moment, YB is only four points behind Valencia, in the last position of the Champions League group, just one point. In order to play after the winter in the Europa League, YB should occupy the third place.

However, if YB could spend the winter in Europe, FCL should give up the right home. Because: Due to the game plan of the association and the word of Swiss television, there could be no other date than that of Lucerna Fasnacht. Thus, the game will take place on 27 or 28 February (dirty Thursday) at the Stade de Suisse in Berne.

"If this were to happen, it would be a shame both economically and emotionally. We want to play safe with us," says FCL media director Markus Krienbühl. This also on the background that FC Lucerna on March 2, 2016, when FCL received in the semifinals of the Lugano Cup, was not allowed to refuse a home match in the cup. "It would be nice for our fans if we could play the game here at Swisspor-Arena," Krienbühl said.

Sporty could be a match for FCL, maybe even better: he has won the last three away games, but home lost the last three matches.

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