Saturday , August 13 2022

HSV Scotsman: Bates flies tall – Coach Wolf makes him happy


The international break was great for David Bates! The 22-year-old score not only celebrated his national debut, but was also allowed to start in both victories. Now the high altitude flight to HSV should go on – if it was not for the competitor Léo Lacroix.

"I am very happy that David was allowed to play twice," said coach Hannes Wolf, adding: "This is a great sign for him." In fact, Bates has had a tremendous development since joining the People's Park, which led them now to catapult the Scottish national team.

In the 4-0 victory in Albania they convinced the long red (1.93 meters) and 3-2 against Israel, which even assured the "promotion" of the League of Nations team.

Tomorrow Bates returns to Volkspark with a lot of wind. After the yellow-red card against Magdeburg (1-0), the edge of the defense lost to central defense to Lacroix. Switzerland has also begun its country lately and has fueled self-confidence.

So, for whom will Wolf coach decide against the Berlin Union? "I am spoiled for choice," says 37 years and expresses a wish: "I would like to make all the sound and very difficult decisions." Surely it should be the central defense choice.

This article was written by Philipp Simon

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