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Idris Elba: The newest "sexiest man alive"


46-year-old Iris Elba was surprised to learn that the American magazine People Magazine called her the newest "sexiest man alive." The star of the Luther series initially believed in a joke because it brought the cheerful news. Then she stood in front of the mirror and realized: "Yes, today you are pretty sexy," he said when asked how he reacted to the title.

Idris Elba is "the sexiest man in life"

The "Sexiest Live Man" award is awarded every year by "People". In the past, the stars at Hollywood were similar
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Johnny Depp
honored with the title. Last year, Blake Sheldon, partner of singer Gwen Stefani, was named "The Sexiest Man in Life". Now it is followed by the British
Idris Elba

It was not great in the past

Elba is known for her lead role in the TV series "Luther" and the film "Mandela – The Long Road to Freedom". His father comes from Sierra Leone, mother of Ghana. "My mother will be very proud," says Elba, alongside "People." He himself was happy, because in his childhood Elba continued, he was not very popular because he was too tall and thin. Only when he raised his beard and won another muckis he became a cool guy. Source used: people

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