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If most checks are carried out in Zurich


The Zurich police control a man on the Langstrasse. Picture: KEYSTONE

If in the Zurich are carried out the most personal controls – and why

In Zurich, between February – July 2018, 16554 people were checked – around 91 people a day. At 31 percent – that is, around 5,100 cases – the police were correct in their assumption, as the NZZ reports. The Zurich police are required this year for every smartphone control, in addition to the reason and location of the event – and whether the action was successful.

The new system has been introduced after several racial profiling accusations have been lifted – that is, if a racially motivated control has been issued. The Swiss Center for Human Rights concluded that the allegations were unfounded. Zurich City Police has, however, reacted and introduced the Web application to collect data about personal controls.

Data evaluation

By far most controls were performed in Circle 4 around the Langstrasse. Then follow the city center (1st district) as well as the industrial district (district 5). In Zurich-North many people have also been stopped. This is due to the fact that the Oerlikon and Seebach districts are constantly growing.

In district 1, it is very common to have person checks. Picture: KEYSTONE

Much more interesting than the location are the reasons for controlling a person. By far the most – about 6200 times – the city police stopped people because of "visible behavior or abnormal appearances" – in 22% they were right. The second most common control was carried out in connection with a particular event, such as a beating. Here, the success rate is 42%.

"Police Situation and Threat" was given as the third legitimacy. These are promotions for major events such as street parade or soccer games. The following are controls based on "objective experience," something that is a well-known type of treatment. For both categories of justification, the police were right about every fourth suspect.

The fewest justified controls of individuals were "auctions and searches." Statistics show, however, that the success rate is almost 60%. In other words, more than half of the people surveyed were listed in the search system.

Unique system in Switzerland

Zurich City Police is the first body in Switzerland to collect such data. Comparable systems are available in England. However, this could not be adopted, as, for example, the ethnicity of the controlled person must be affirmed.

Handling the app is very simple. According to NZZ, the form can be completed in a very short time. During the development no additional costs were incurred.

Of the successes that the city police say, not yet. Among other things, claims about this can only be difficult because there is no comparison with data from other Swiss cities. (From)

While the policeman Schaffner infiltrated his "Moving" years:

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