Wednesday , May 31 2023

If you want to park in Glarus, you have to be careful


The municipality of Glarus wants to go rigorously against the sinners in the park. The "redevelopment car" is coming into the next phase, as the community says in a press release Monday: "From mid-November, the existing parking regime will be controlled more intensely." Responsible for this will be the Skorp company in Näfels, in the process of submission with the execution of the inspections.

The municipality of Glarus had already announced this step. He wants to impose the current stricter parking restrictions and then in May 2019, the last stage of reorganization in the attack. From now on, parked vehicles must be able to display valid parking permits, depending on the area. The details of this last step will be informed in good time, he concludes. (See above)

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