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Langnau: Big Plans for a Dusty Area – Region: Emmental

A hotel, a market, a bakery with a café, a senior center. In addition, a great variety of rental and condominiums. Beside the area known as Kasag-Areal, in the immediate vicinity of Langnau Station, a "lively, lively and exciting district is created.

In any case, the expert group appreciates the development plans of the Bahnhof Süd site, which are currently public. The population is invited to participate. In an area with a planning obligation, it should be defined what can be built there in the future.

History may remain

Bay Projektentwicklung AG from Konolfingen, which wants to give the business district a completely new face. She has secured her right to buy plots of land from seven landowners. As the municipality had great potential for development in the area, it excluded this from revising local planning in 2013. Under the guidance of various experts, plans have been developed now.

The perimeter of the planning area also includes plots on which structural changes are not under way. The area between the saw and the railroad from the Kasag area will be gradually rebuilt to that Spickel, where the Hohgantweg departs from the Sägestrasse.

The purpose of planners is to make better use of the land and create offers that take into account the proximity to the station. At the same time, the quarter is to be modernized in terms of location. And there were historic buildings to consider.

The harbor building known as Tillmannhaus or Sagihof on the cantonal road is not the victim of the desired development. In this sense, planners can imagine a senior center in the future. The old carpentry could be transformed into a bakery with a café for the wooden shelter, a goal was identified as an open market hall.

«Up to nine complete floors»

Old and modern should alternate on the site as well as "conglomerates of small-scale buildings" that can vary in height. There is talk of one to six floors, sometimes even of an "accent with up to nine whole floors".

In the eastern part, that is, in the section between Sägestrasse and Hohgantweg, the construction of a multi-storey hotel is planned. Along the Sägestrasse, planners plan to offer commercial space on the ground floor. On the upper floors and also in the quieter north area there should be apartments. Parking must be underground in advance. Due to the proximity to the station, it is also important to include in the documents documents of accommodation with "reduced life in the car".

Monday, November 12, 2018, a public information event will take place in the parish hall at 19.30. (Zerul Berner)

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