Monday , August 15 2022

More and more students are biting


More and more primary school students are in litigation. Above all, teachers are affected. Several bites have already been reported to unite teachers.

In the first five weeks after the summer holidays, the Teachers' Union received three reports of bite attacks, as "bz Basel" says. The problem would be in education, says Jean-Michel Héritier, president of the Voluntary School Union (FSS).

Students will always have earlier, sometimes already in first grade, horror film and shooting skills. Especially after summer holidays, these influences are particularly strong, and teachers have to educate their students again, so Héritier.

The children in the classroom

A solution to the growing problem would be Héritier, temporarily removing the targeted children from classes and teaching them in the so-called "school islands" until they have calmed down again.

The Basle Education (ED) Department is reluctant to act. For example, ED spokesman Valérie Rhein told Basel: "We do not see an increase in the students' desire to become violent." Rather, awareness of the subject of violence could be noticed.

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