Friday , January 27 2023

No wind farm at Linth: U-turn surprised everyone


by Ueli Weber

Ralph Egeter was still at the "Linthwind" stand at Glarner Messe last Saturday. The project manager patiently explained to visitors the reasons why wind turbines in Linthebene would be a good thing. In fact, the citizens of Glarus North should vote in the spring on the wind farm, and Egeters, St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG (SAK) will fight hard with wind energy opponents (this newspaper has reported more than once). Egeter does not suspect that Glarner Regierungsrat had broken the wind farm the day before.

He teaches it only Monday morning: The Glarus Government eliminates Linthgebiet as the possible location for wind plans. Near the villages, he does not want to allow wind turbines anymore. If there is no other surprising change on the Landrat, the "Linthwind" project is dead. The plan is the top canton planning tool. Glarus North's community meeting should not vote then.

Compensation compensation is open

The government's decision took SAK by surprise – the company is behind "Linthwind". "We are certainly disappointed," says spokesman Roger Tinner. The content of SAK can not yet comment on the decision. "We can only observe this at this point," says Tinner. Now we will analyze the situation in peace. "Not yet."

Since 2004, Linthgebiet has been registered as a "wind energy interest" in the plan. How much SAK has invested in the project in recent years, Tinner could not say. He also could not comment on whether the company could claim damages. In any case, government adviser Kaspar Becker, who is in charge of the roadmap, is not afraid of possible damages (see "Six Questions to …").

The "Linth gegen Wind" association fights vigorously for the wind turbine project. But his chairman, Daniel Lienhard, does not want to talk about a victory. "We are happy and we are a step closer to our goal," he says. "Plates are floating, but only when" Linthwind "has finally failed." Lienhard fears the wind turbines are taken over by the district, but again in the plan.

District Administrator has the last word

In fact, the Glarus district council has the last word on the road map. Cantonal lawmakers can not change individual wording. But you can reject the whole chapter of the Government Council. However, they do not have much time. By June 2019 at the latest, the Confederation must have approved the Glarus roadmap.

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