Friday , March 31 2023

The bikini model Karina Irby is a success of Insta reality


Karina Irby does not use images edited on Instagram. Instead, the bikini looks confidently with baskets, orange peel and eczema.

Movie filters, edited images, thin bodies, and autoimposites are the Instagram rules. Karina Irby (29) whistles on Photoshop – and has exactly the success of the photo platform. 939,000 fans follow the beauty of Instagram and celebrate for their honesty and curves.

The Australian, showing body and maneuverability of food and fitness, is a successful swimsuit model and has only been successful since it has earned ten pounds.

When she started posting pictures on Instagram in her teenage years, she was obsessively calming and doing sports. "I was dangerously thin and I always got sick," she writes in one of her photos. "Basically, I turned off my immune system without eating what I needed and taking too much cardio."

Just ten pounds lighter, she's successful

Only after the influence realized that the curves are beautiful, she gained muscle and fat. "I found it hard at first, but I noticed how my personality changed," she says about her new body at Ten Daily. In just a few months, Irby, who runs his own bikini label, won thousands of Instagram followers.

In her photos, the blogger shows cellulite, pimples or psoriasis, and not just the positivity of the body, but also the so-called "pimple positivity," which means accepting skin problems. "If someone told me ten years ago that I was talking open about my bark and my orange lichen, I would have cried," she says for the woman's health.

"Everyone deserves to be happy in their skin"

Irby was ashamed earlier: for surfing he rubs his feet with makeup and runs quickly into the water, so nobody sees it. His unprocessed stitch on the Instagram screen is not easy.

"But if I can make women realize that they do not have to feel bad about cellulite, scars, baskets, stretch marks, and so on, then I will continue with the needy photos. feel safe in social media, "says Bild. And: "Everyone deserves to be content and confident in their skin" (Kad)

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