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"Treated the dead child as garbage": So the first day of the trial was about a dead girl from Staad


Tuesday at St. Gallen, started the trial against a couple who is accused of deliberately killing the daughter. They denied having neglected the child.

The defendants denied on Tuesday that they are responsible for the death of the girl. (Court drawing: Sibylle Heusser)

The defendants denied on Tuesday that they are responsible for the death of the girl. (Court drawing: Sibylle Heusser)

(SDA) Parents of the dead girl – a 35-year-old Swiss citizen and a 55-year-old Swiss citizen – are suspected of breaching parental care duties and neglecting their daughter in part because of their drug use.

Specifically, they are accused of not feeding their daughter in a way appropriate to their age and allowing them to exercise enough. Also, she should have neglected medical care, physical hygiene and social contacts of the girl for a year.

In addition, according to accusations, the two left the child unattended for several hours at home alone. This neglect should have led to the death of the girl.

«The house has always been clean»

The Rorschach Court moved the hearing because of the large public interest in the large courthouse court in St. Gallen. On Tuesday, the court questioned the accused. The 55-year-old father wants to know nothing about negligence. It was based on the mother of the common child. The accused said:

"The house was always clean, the baby dressed healthy and sweet."

The girl slept a lot, she was with her, but also outside. Asked by the court why the parents never went to see the doctor with the child, the man said, "I'm not in education."

Death has not yet been processed

The court president said the man was probably more concerned about the dog than his daughter. The dog even had accident and health insurance. The accused said: "My child was my only one."

In retrospect, one is always smarter, he said. She has not processed the daughter's death yet. Parents live together today in the house where the child's body was found in the basement on August 4, 2015.

The accused did not mean anything about drug use. He is accused of having bought three kilos of cocaine from a dealer. He should have consumed two pounds a kilogram of his own.

Cocaine in the daughter's hair

The 35-year-old was initially speaking in court. She talked about her three children in her previous relationships, her time as a prostitute and her future: "I want to go back to healthcare," she said.

Because of her current partner, she pulled a line under her past before pregnancy. After the birth of her daughter, she was a housewife. "I have lived a normal life," she said. You have maternal instincts and you do not need pediatricians:

"I automatically know what's good for the baby."

He did not mean anything about drug use. Why was the death of her daughter dead the cocaine residue, it was a mystery. After the child's death, she panicked. For fear she wrapped her body in a suitcase and put it in the cellar.

Honestly neglected from the beginning

She goes to court today for the short life and death of the girl, even less than two, the prosecutor told the court: "at birth, it was healthy." Already a child, the child was neglected. Parents are responsible. "As she bought powder for his daughter, he bought cocaine for his life partner and for himself."

Father did not care for the baby. He deliberately abandoned the crying daughter and searched his room. "She does not want to see his daughter's death."

The mother had the child more and more protected from the environment. When her daughter died, she did not ask anyone for help. The prosecutor said:

"He treated the dead child as a garbage."

They demanded many prison sentences

For 35 years, she has called for deliberate killing, breaching welfare and education, disruption of death and multiple offenses against Narcotics, a 10-year prison sentence, a fine of 70 daily 30 francs and a fine of 600 francs.

For the 55-year-old father, the Prosecutor's Office called for intentional killing, breach of care and education, and multiple offenses against imprisonment for 8 years and a fine of 1200 francs.

If the court decides to kill negligence, the prosecutor demands the imprisonment of 6.5 years for the mother and 4.5 years for the father

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