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Züspa fails because of his image – Zurich News: Region


All that remains is clearing up, blocking books and getting favored by customers. No one would have thought about it when the Züspa gates arrived at Zurich-Oerlikon on October 7th. Even Karin Sonderegger did not suspect that the 70th edition would be the last. The manager of the exhibition seemed immune to the bad news. When MCH Group ended the traditional Basel fair in Muba, she was convinced that, unlike Basel, Zürich managed to strengthen its audience and stabilize its presence to around 100,000. Will Züspa continue to exist in three years? – I have no reason to doubt.

Sonderegger said that at the end of June. Now Züspa is history, MCH announced on Tuesday. Although Christoph Kamber, manager of the Messe Zurich site, recognizes positive developments, there were negative: numbers of visitors, which fell again after a short interim interval. Exhibitors who booked only 80 square meters instead of 100 square meters. A deficit, whose value remains a trade secret. And above all: the growing conviction that public exhibitions in the urban environment must change drastically. This confirmed a survey among exhibitors. Karin Sonderegger does not want to say anything about this.

Bad images in the head

Kamber also played a role in changing the power at the trade fair, whose market value halved in the past year. Long-term boss René Kamm cultivated a respectful approach to the worrying "traditional products" of Muba and Züspa and gave them the opportunity to reinvent themselves. It was fair. But it is equally true to make a cut under the new Chief Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard.

Video – Züspa in retrospect

The Autumn Fair in Zurich reached its climax in the 90s. Video: TA-Multimedia / Wibbitz / AnjaRuoss

MCH wants to replace the Consumer Goods Market by 2020 with a new format, a live smartphone generation experience that connects the old and the new world. More specific information is not yet available. Even if such an event happens someday in Zurich. But Kamber is sure: "People are analogous beings. The more they acquire on the Internet, the more they have to meet again physically."

However, this thesis has already been heard by director Züspa Sonderegger. The difference is, in Kamber's opinion: "Anyone who hears Züspa is thinking of a slice of vegetables, a vacuum cleaner and a fondue." Such stereotypes in the head make it difficult to invent something new. "We decided to take a white paper instead – with all due respect to the old lady."

The specialty exhibition in Zurich took place in 1949 for the first time. Originally organized as a cooperative, it became the AG in the 1980s. As such, it led the construction of the new exhibition center, which was opened in 1998 on an urban land. At the same time, the company became Messe Zürich AG after the merger with Basel to form the Swiss Exhibition Center, today MCH.

Are the halls sold?

Therefore, for Zurich, it is also about how to proceed to the exhibition center. Kamber says this is relatively good. Special events, such as the Giardina Garden Fair or the Swiss-Moto Töffmesse, would constantly have a growing number of visitors, the vote of profitability. According to the annual report, exhibition halls were occupied in 2017 for 153 days, not including construction and dismantling. For comparison: In Basel it reached 116 days.

The latest generation of household appliances has attracted public attention in the early eighties.

MCH Chief Hoejsgaard recently said in an interview that he also has overcapacity in Zurich – which should be the case without Züspa. He left the future of the exhibition center open and added: "In other commercial locations, cities are the owners of the halls." How the Zurich City Council is represented for eventual sale of exhibition halls or parts of them is open. Upon request they say they will deal with it if there are concrete plans.

Like the canton, the city holds only 4% of MCH shares. This participation returns to Züspa, but today it serves primarily to promote the location. It gives the city the opportunity to bring its interest in life, and structural engineer SP André Odermatt is part of the board of directors. From a financial point of view, the share package with a book value of 4 million francs is not a risk for a multibillion-dollar budget. The fair itself is different: one 2006 study estimated value added in 2006 to 385 million francs.

For Rolf Bosshard of Bosshard Homelink AG, Züspa was "a bomber deal every year."

When Stefan Efti heard the news of the end of the autumn fair on the phone, he was surprised. "Dear, Züspa is hired," he shouted to his wife. His reaction is understandable. Efti has been present at Züspa for nearly 30 years with business change. For a few years now, with the "Stefan's Gwürzhüsli" stand. The Zurich Autumn Fair was an annual game for Seebacher.

Similarly, Verena Hostetter, who operated the Fondue Stübli on the third floor of the exhibition hall, reacted for many years. She screamed in the phone: "From one moment to another is over, a dullness!" At Basel, the exhibitors received a grace period. Their reaction is understandable. For the 73-year-old pensioner Hostetter, the ten-day fair has been his main business for many years. Zurich ate with her the first fondue of the year. "There have been many," she says. 100 seats were offered by Stübli. He can not say how he's going now. For the first time, you think about giving up.

In the 80's, when part of Züspa was still housed in the old Hallenstadion, Stefan Efti of Gwürzhüsli had already sold Knoblibrot locally. "A big deal," he says. But sales have steadily diminished in recent years. "Something was wrong, I noticed." The reason he stopped, it was not. On the contrary. "I am a citizen of Zurich, for me Züspa is the most important trade fair of the year, despite the high prices." Fortunately, he is present at many other fairs and fairs, he says. Thus, the end of Züspa, unlike Hofstetter, does not necessarily mean the end of its business.

The men and women were interested in ironing machines and ironing machines.

For Rolf Bosshard of Bosshard Homelink AG, Züspa was "a bomber deal every year." He exhibited Bang & Olufsen equipment at the 2002 Autumn Fair. 2017 was still the best year for Zürich since its inception. He has implemented a six-digit annual average on the 60-meter stand from the third floor. For him and his employees, Züspa meant "bone," but contact with customers was enormous and the months after each were very profitable. "I was probably an exception," says Bosshard.

Zurich's police were also present with a stand at Züspa. Officials had the opportunity to establish contact with people during the fair. With Bobby Cars or virtual patrols he wanted to appeal to a young audience. That this is no longer possible, regrets the city police, says a spokesman.

Police in Züspa

"If a business model does not work, you have to rethink it," says Thomas Hess, general manager of the Association for SMEs and Trade in the Canton of Zurich. Züspa had once been a meeting of traders in Zurich. But she lost that meaning.

For the former General Manager of Messe Zürich, Hanspeter Meyer, the question of whether Züspa was still upgraded has already been raised in the late 1990s. Consequently, he was nervous every year before the biggest fair of the calendar year. "The decision came very quickly," he says, "but it's understandable."


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