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Apple Watch Series 4 of the box Surface features are optional low heart rate notification, fall detection is worth looking forward to | ETtoday3C Devices


Reporter Qiu Xinxin / Taipei Report

Apple Watch Series 4 will finally be listed in Taiwan! The new generation of Apple Wisdom watches has a more rounded corner of the screen and extends the screen to the extreme edge for maximum visual effect and redesigns the digital crown, allowing the user to feel the tactile feedback as a mechanical clock while rotating. .

▲ ▼ Watch Apple Series 4. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin Basic Photography)

▲ Apple Watch Series 4 from the box. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin basic photo)

In addition, internal functions added cadence detection functions, SOS emergency services, and ECG detection and generation functions, but unfortunately the ECG function has not been opened around the world. Officials said this feature will be open until the end of 2018, but it is subject to national regulations. After the end of the year, countries that can be used are currently only the United States.

House size is reduced, display is increased by 30%

The Apple Watch Series 4 and the previous generation Apple Watch Series 3 at first glance the difference is not too big, but after a closer look, you will find that the new generation of watches is relatively thin, but the screen uses a narrower edge and a design rounded Therefore, the display increased by more than 30% over the previous generation.

In addition to the display, another noteworthy component is the Apple Watch digital watch. This "re-created" digital crown has a tactile reaction function that can be felt when using the crown. I feel a mechanical watch.

Another little idea about the hardware body is that Apple has separated the speaker and the microphone this time. As you can see from the photo, the Apple Watch Series 3 speaker and microphone are also located on the left side of the fuselage.

▲ ▼ Watch Apple Series 4. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin Basic Photography)

Watch Watch Series 4 separates speaker and microphone, which will reduce the impact of the echo; the following picture shows the Apple Watch Series 3, the speakerphone and the microphone are on the same side. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin basic photo)

▲ ▼ Watch Apple Series 4. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin Basic Photography)

When you get to the Apple Watch Series 4, you can separate the two on both sides, which will reduce the impact of the echo and make the call quality clearer. In addition, the Apple Speaker Volume 4 volume is 50% higher than the previous generation, giving users a great Siri experience and experience.

However, you will certainly think, "Whenever you change a new generation of products, do you have to give up the beautiful belt that you bought before?" In this regard, Apple also explained that the new generation of watch products will be applicable to all old Apple Watch S4 models The 40 mm case can be equipped with a 38 mm strap for the S3 product, a 44 mm case or a universal 42 mm strap.

▲ ▼ Watch Apple Series 4. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin Basic Photography)

▲ The Apple Watch Series 4 can still use the previous generation of straps. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin basic photo)

Turning its clock back to the back of the car, the Apple Watch Series 4 uses sapphire ceramic glass, equipped with the same heart rate optical sensor as compared to past crystal glass, but can detect heart rate more quickly, but also close to the current state of heart rate, and strength of wireless network reception.

Discovery in the event of a fall, the SOS Emergency Rescue Service

Let's talk about detecting the fall of Apple Watch Series 4, SOS emergency services and other features!

One of the important aspects of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to detect whether the user has fallen or fallen and the system will automatically initiate the SOS emergency after the fall condition. This is done via the internal acceleration sensor and the gyroscope. When it detects that the user may fall or fall, it will trigger the system to automatically start the emergency help function.

▼ Apple Watch Series 4 can detect whether the user has fallen or fallen. By default settings in advance, the emergency will be later assisted by the user. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin basic photo)

▲ ▼ Watch Apple Series 4. (Photo / reporter Qiu Xin Basic Photography)

The clock will use the screen to ask if you need urgent help. If you are aware of the need for help, do not forget to turn off this warning, if you do not respond to the system within 60 seconds, the watch will automatically call the emergency service at the relevant help unit. And it will send you the location message of your fall to emergency contact.

However, "Emergency Contact" must be set in advance in the "Health Card" Health Card. You can also determine if you want to start the SOS emergency service in the Watch application, it should be noted that if the user is over 65 for the user's safety, the SOS emergency service of the watch will be forced to open.

WatchOS 5 adds more useful features

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, a new generation of watchOS 5 software has been launched. Users who have updated watchOS 5 should note that the watch not only reminds you that the heart rate is too high, but also add a warning function for detecting low heart rate.

In addition, watchOS 5 added a new "intercom" function. For journalists, this feature is quite interesting and may have a different choice for communicating with the person who wants to talk, the sense of using the walkie-talkie and Walkie-talkie in memory is similar, it can bring you a faster interaction, lighter and more unlikely with the other.

And communication between the two sides is no longer limited by words without temperature, but can instantly feel the emotions and mood of the other party. Of course, you might think "Is not it just a phone call?" But the exciting atmosphere that really uses walkie-talkie is not the same as the phone.

However, if you want to use the walkie-talkie, you must first confirm that both sides have activated the FaceTime function and make sure you can make and receive FaceTime, then turn on the walkie-talkie and click on the + to select the object you want to call and after the friend accepts the invitation, Can communicate. Of course you do not have to be disturbed. You can always "On-line" or "Off-line" at this application point to make sure you are not disturbed at important times.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 4 has two surface options, Infograph and Infographic Modular, after modernizing the watchOS 5.

The Infograph surface can contain up to 8 complex and secondary functions, the top, bottom, left and right sides of the surface, or even the middle position, you can choose the complex features you need to make your surface information clearer; It has 6 complex functions. The unique surface of these two Apple Watch Series 4 is ideal for users who need to know a lot of information.

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