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Experts in the housing market expect prices
▲ Experts in the property market expect housing price hikes to remain unchanged, and major changes should not be made in the first half of the year. (Photo / Xinyi Housing)

At the end of the year is the family season, Fangzhong believes that the end-of-year elections do not affect the real estate market, expect housing price hike to remain unchanged, without major changes occurring in the first half of the year. Volume, you can still see the peak season to buy a house before the end of this year.

Mrs. Pan, expecting to be born in Shuangbei, is about 34 years old and is a stable collection collar and plans to enter her audience with her boyfriend next year. In the past six months, the two are looking intensely for suitable homes in Shuangbei, I hope to buy them well before the end of the year. In the house you want. Miss Pan said that, as she noticed, it seems that the price of the house has not fluctuated for a while, because there is demand, we can see if there is a proper home, so it continues to look at home actively, hoping to buy the house before end of the year.

Zeng Jingde, project manager of the Xinyi Housing Estate Research Office for Homes, said the outside world is worried that the election will affect the property market before the end of the year. However, as the candidates offered a policy of overweight, there is no sanction for the real estate market. Second, housing prices are booming, in the future, housing price fluctuations should be small, and buyers and sellers refer also to the real price as a reference, expect the purchase season to be still seen before the end of the year , and the volume of transactions will increase.

Zeng Jingde has suggested that consumers who are responsible for their own needs can still find the right objects according to their personal circumstances and the familiar living environment.

The global political and economic environment, although there are recent factors of interference in the elections, but according to recent economic data released, the domestic economic situation continues to strengthen, including the October price index announced, the October CPI rose by 1.17%. The average annual CPI growth rate for 17 major civilian resources was 3.11% and growth was converging, indicating that domestic prices continued to be moderately stable.

Taiwan's Supply Managers' Index (PMI), launched by China's Economic and Trade Institute, continued to decline by 2.1 percentage points, to 51.8%, the slowest pace of expansion in May 2016. Among those six IMIs in the industry, only the food and textile industry and the electronics and optical industries have expanded, and the rest of the retail industry reported a declining recovery. The Chinese Academy of Economics said that the PMI remained over 50 after the seasonal adjustment. The representative economy continues to be at an expansion level, but the expansion rate has slowed down significantly, noting in particular the effect of the Sino-American trade war and the price of international raw materials. down.

So far, the overall economic situation in the country has been small, indicating that the real estate market will remain unchanged in the short term.

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