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Double debate
▲ According to the weekly report, Yu and Chen Qimai of South Korea actually reached an agreement on the election campaign "Only political, spotless" three times before the election. (Figure / flip from Youtube)

The elections in Jiuhe have ended recently. Kaohsiung's biggest mayor in this election campaign is in a fierce battle. During the election period, the Korean Yu Kuomintang and the Progressive Democratic Party Chen Qimai faced several times and even launched a "straight ball" debate, but never attacked the other family members and did not speak bad words, shifting Taiwan's scraping choices, being netizens. I like! According to the weekly report, two people actually changed secrets three times before the elections and reached an agreement to "talk about politics alone, not smear."

Whatever the Korean Yu or Chen Qimai, in fact, they all left the press about their family before the election, but the two agreed not to attack the other's family and play a clean electoral campaign. (Corporate Image / Information)

According to the report "The King of the Week", regardless of Yu or Chen Qimai of South Korea, in fact, before the election, the media broke the news about the family, including Korean wife Yu Li Jiafen was found in the bilingual school operated by Yunlin, Ultra-low price of 8 yuan, renting land for Taiwan Sugar. In the case of Chen Qimai, his father, Chen Zhenan, was involved with Chen Shui-bian's deputy secretary-general and cabinet adviser, involved many cases and was expelled from the DPP. There have been several clashes in the electoral campaign and no criticism of these incidents.

Kaohsiung, mayor candidate, South Korea Yu and Chen Qimai met with Kaohsiung's future and political visions tonight (11/19 20:00). "width =" 1024 "height =" 576 "class =" size-full wp-image-3077681 "srcset =" Jpg 1024w, 300w, 11 / 1542638247-03d2b9d51b7ce9d62856b44a594784d8-768x432.jpg 768w, 696w, Wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542638247-03d2b9d51b7ce9d62856b44a594784d8-747x420.jpg 747w "dimensions =" ​​(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px
▲ 2 people spoke in words during the debate but did not attack their family and respected the "gentlemen's dispute" agreement. (Figure / flip from Youtube)

The report highlighted that after Yukio decided to run for Kaohsiung City Hall earlier this year, he found five friends in the first half of March to express his desire to reverse the election and set up a "gentleman" Chen Qi. After the meeting, one of the friends called Chen Qimai to inform him of the idea of ​​South Korea Yu. The two parties then made three round-trip calls and reached a verbal agreement on "no family attack", "only politics" and "no spot".

According to informed sources, the friend who is in the middle of the line of communication believes that after Yukio and Chen Qimai's debate on election day 19 two people sat in front of the room for six seconds and Chen shouted at Han after that: "I will love him, ten thousand years!" The two sides are likely to be touched by the other party's desire to respect this "gentleness of the lord". Subsequently, both Han and Chen kept their promises and played a warm and clean electoral campaign.

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