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Lanzhou's biggest car accident-rescue end! Got 15 lives and 44 injuries Lead and brake failure International | Sanli News Net SETN.COM


On the evening of the third day of the Lanzhou Expressway, a major road traffic accident ending at the end of the night, at least 15 people were killed and 44 people were injured and taken to hospital. The reason for driving was bad, the Chinese Emergency Management Department sent staff to investigate the cause of the accident.

▲ The Lanhai Expressway marked a major accident. (Figure / flip from the People's Network)

According to a comprehensive land media report, the Lanzhou City Traffic Police in Gansu Province stated that at 3 o'clock, at 21 o'clock, Liaoning had driven a tower crane truck from the south by the Lanhai Highway to Lanzhou South Toll Station. It hit 50 meters with vehicles waiting for a payout line that caused a major road crash.

On the 4th day at 5 o'clock, 15 people were killed and 44 people were injured, including 10 serious injuries and 31 vehicles were injured. The leadership was slightly injured by the leadership and immediately checked the public security organs after the event and examined it. Anecdote driving said that when the accident occurred, the vehicle stopped steady and brake failure occurred.

▲ The collision is too strong, the entire car is broken and deformed. (Figure / flip from the People's Network)

Rescue work at the scene of the accident was nearly completed at 3:00 pm at 11:00 and work was carried out such as accident investigation and post-treatment. The China Emergency Management Department sent a working group to direct the settlements and required the investigation and management of accidents.

The Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the Gansu Provincial Government met at the scene of the Lanhai Highway Traffic Accident on the 3rd Night, requesting the Gansu Provincial Public Security Department to investigate a similar situation in the province.The Gansu Provincial Security Commission should take due account of the security of the driver awareness. Education, especially winter motorways and dangerous sections, is necessary for safe driving.

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