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Lu Xiuyan mentions Huabo AIPH Secretary General's visit: violation of the agreement does not support | Zhong Zhangtou | NOWnews Ma News


Lu Xiuyan mentions the free visit Huabo AIPH: does not support
Tim Briercliffe, Secretary-General of the International Horticultural Producers Association, publicly stated that if a citizen creates unlimited number of citizens, in violation of the AIPH policy and the agreement between the city and AIPH, AIPH does not support it (Photo / Liu Rongjun photo 2018.11.2 )

Lu Xunyan, a member of the Kuomintang legislature, has repeatedly recommended that the public visit the Taichung Flower Expo for free, which is why AIPH (International Horticultural Production Association) has retaliated and discussed it, and even exacerbated an international event: Aiba Garden Huabo (2) Subsequently, AIPH Secretary-General Tim Briercliffe publicly stated that AIPH was pleased to allow Huabo to host Huabo, but whenever an unlimited number of citizens were set up, he violated the AIPH policy and between Taichung City and AIPH agreement. Support, I hope this statement is very clear.

At the opening ceremony of the Aiba Garden, in today's Huibo, AIPH Secretary General Tim Briercliffe publicly stated that AIPH is reluctant to allow Taichung City to receive the Huabo and to do so by Taichung City. Authorization is glorious. Free unlimited citizenship, however, violates the AIPH policy and has never occurred during AIPH's past.

He emphasized that AIPH hopes that all floristic art will remain good quality and increase citizens' unlimited freedom, violating the agreement between AIPH and the city council of Taichung, so AIPH does not support free tickets. I hope that the Taichung City Council, according to the agreement, maintains a good consensus and agreement with AIPH.

The city government said it knew during the pre-city that the explanation of the documents signed by Taichung Huabo ticket collector trade fair and Hu Zhiqiang and AIPH before May 2012 was explained and the parliamentary project report pointed out that it was a fee payment . However, Lu Xunyan, the legislator, repeatedly claimed that Taichung Citizens released the park, which shows that he did not speak to AIPH and did not ask for it, and the city government was free to win the Huabo card, which after the consultation is not opposed by AIPH. And the prize after a second does not hurt the spirit of the charge.

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