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NBA "Lin Shuhao's total career score exceeded 5000 foxes still swallowed by six consecutive defeats – China Times News


Jeremy Lin has finally come to an important moment in the NBA career! Hao Ge 16 golden gold mined, hit the eagle to play a new high 25 minutes and 14 seconds, but also chose the highest team score of 16 points, plus 5 assists, 5 rebounds, total career score officially exceeded 5000 points, but Eagle still 93 to 138 tables He was repaired by the owner's gold nugget and suffered a six-game shot.

Lin Shuhao, who played in the NBA for nine years in Warriors, Nick, Rockets, Lakers, Hornets, Nets, Eagles, etc., finished 421 in his career and his personal score exceeded 5,000 points. 4993 points, Hao Ge quickly scored 8 points in the first half to reach the standard, the Eagle official also sent a text to celebrate for him.

Unfortunately, the Hawks did not meet expectations, in the first quarter collapsed, and the owner's gold nuggets began a 16-4 attack, then fell by 16 points, even after the first three quarters, lost 73 -106 in advance. Jeremy Lin also replaced Cui Yang in the last 7 minutes and 36 seconds, and once again started for the Hawks to close the task.

Jeremy Lin's role at the Hawks is still uncomfortable this season. Finally, the Eagles coach, Pierce, guides his newcomers, even though Cui Yang, Sberman and Bambury are in decline, voted 34 in 16. However, it is difficult for the eagle to enter a "hole" in the past.

In the last season, Lin Shuhao was reimbursed for one match due to injury. This season, it takes time to return to the yard, it is no longer possible to continue being a frozen excuse for Hao Ge. Not only once on the ground to prove that he has already recovered to health, but can not change more game time, the prospect of Hao Ge is worrying!

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