Thursday , August 11 2022

New AirPods Wireless Exposure to Bluetooth! Foreign media outlines two important aspects of the upgrade


In 2016, Apple launched the new series of iPhone 7 "Heads removed headphones" and the first Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth headsets. (Figure / Apple)

Although the launch of the new Apple product at 10/30 did not bring news about the new generation of AirPods. However, according to the latest report of the foreign media MySmartPrice, the new Apple AirPods wireless headphones are A2031 and A2032, which correspond to the headphones left and right. There were Bluetooth SIGs on 11/1, and the Product Name page is "AirPods".

The outside world estimates that it is possible to update the new AirPods (or AirPod 2) headset. If Apple wants to end up with the shopping season in December this year, it is likely to be officially launched in the near future. There is another word that the launch time will be early next year.

Foreign media estimates the upgraded version of AirPods with the wireless charging cassette that can be included in the optional accessories (illustrated from 9to5Mac)

According to the Bluetooth Technology Alliance certification page, the new generation of AirPods wireless headphones, there are two new features that can be available in the specification function: First, it will support new health detection technologies such as: Data on heart rate, the second is to use the enhanced version of Bluetooth wireless transmission 5.0, which will bring a longer reception range and will improve headphone life.

The new AirPods was certified by Bluetooth Technology Alliance at 11/1. (Photo taken from MySmartPrice)

AirPods was unveiled at the launch of Apple's new car in September 2016, with the new iPhone 7 series, but launch time was delayed until mid-December 2017. Not the fuselage design, it is quite popular with fruit powder after market. With the release of the new AirPod, it will replace the original AirPods or new AirPods with the "high-end version" specification with all sorts of words. In addition, the wireless charging cradle with the new wireless headset will be listed as an optional accessory.

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