Wednesday , May 31 2023

Tu Shuhui warns: Taiwanese do these “3 things” again, the mainland will really fight politics-China Times


In recent days, the communist army has often harassed Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen went to Penghu (22) yesterday to console the Tianju Air Force and Navy Fleet 146 for their hard work and stressed that others should not be allowed to show up in their airspace; the relations between the straits became more and more tense. Taipei City Councilor You Shuhui directly said that the domestic argument “Taiwan attack” on the mainland has grown. If Taiwanese people continue to discriminate against mainland masks, mainland students and Xiao Ming, the atmosphere of continuing to dispel feelings of cross-strait and screaming and killing will gradually increase. To conform to the hearts of the 1.4 billion people, the continent can truly come.

You Shuhui said in the political program “Shaokang War Situation Room” that he recently received a report from the mainland from a friend from the Taiwan Business Office in Shanghai. prepare for battle. ” Applause applauded. My friend pointed out that the continent’s greatest common divisor is “throw illusions.” As to whether or not “ready to fight” is a common divider, I do not know whether the Taiwan Business Office is considered to be the “fantasy” faction, because the Taiwan Business Office believes only in the whole continent. When there is a day of peaceful reunification, other arguments have already been directed towards military reunification, especially in the last two years, this argument has become stronger and stronger.

Shuhui pointed out that there are in fact “falcons” and “pigeons” on both sides of the strait. In Taiwan, the KMT is a pigeon, so the DPP has been labeled as “selling Taiwan and licking communists”; The pigeons on the mainland are the Taiwan Business Office. He was labeled “Taiwan on his knees.” The minds of the Chinese people could have been “five-five waves” and there are still many people who have feelings for Taiwan, but now it can be seen from the social platform Douyin and Weibo that the atmosphere of shouting and killing is already very strong, which will lead to higher level decisions. Faced with changes in the situation of preventing the epidemic, economy, disasters, etc., to comply with the sentiment of the people, it can really come.

Not only that, You Shuhui said directly, “Why do we have to force each other to face that line to make a decision?” Host Zhao Shaokang also sincerely acknowledged that the ruling party now uses the cheapest and easiest way to inspire cross-strait relations and win politics. Interestingly, this is very unwise. You also believe that Taiwanese continue to discriminate against the mainland to make masks, discriminate against mainland students, discriminate against Xiao Ming and “card” everything. They affect the relationship between the two sides of the strait and will not help us in Taiwan. It is the best policy for the two sides to move towards friendship and mutual benefit.

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