Sunday , October 17 2021

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What elements are most abundant in the universe?
What kind of metal will melt in our hands?
How much weight will we have per month?

Experience the captivating surprises that science can learn outside the classroom. Book with special effects (Play through the application) that children will learn and understand science more easily. They will perform virtual experiments, for example, exploring atomic structure (atomic decay), state transition experiment, pendulum energy. Experiment for the release of potential and kinetic energy
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Downloadable for both Android and iOS
It helps children not to get bored of learning. Science and Technology
Choose the AR Book to promote early childhood development.
Augmented Reality is another virtual reality technology. Combining the real world and the virtual world Using built-in three-dimensional overlays to display the effect of the real world in a three-dimensional (3D) image, attracting children’s attention. Yes, to make students funny, interesting and lead to better learning.

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