Tuesday , May 30 2023

Alzheimer's! Sq. Lust father arrested The rape war lasted eight years to take two abortions.


The Chumphon police arrested his bastard rape school father from school until the age of 20, the child can not bear. So I ran away with my mother separated from my father. First, tell the whole story to your mother. After informing Mom. I was attacked by my father. First, he confesses all the affirmations.

Due to Mrs A (Namesume), 43, her daughter, Miss B. (the defendant's name), aged 20, filed a complaint. Lt. Vudpong Thongthong Gymnasium School (Chulalongkorn) Chumphon To file a lawsuit with a 43-year-old husband. The rape of lawmakers, who have been their daughters for many years. And father and grandmother also took the abortion 2 times the grade in the first grade, after the parents separated. I have a new husband in Bangsaphan, Prachuapkhirikhan. The daughter of a father in Chumphon, later in 2558, the mother of a criminal court sentenced to three years in prison and just released two months. I went to live with my mother at Bang Saphan and I said all the truth. I decided to take a MP MP. The trial against his father.

On November 6, 61 journalists reported progress when Colonel Thongchai Nuicharoen from Chumphon Province Police. Lt. Col. Wichit Khamkrakarn, Deputy Director (Investigation), Chumphon Police Station The detachment is controlled. Mr. Z (Namesake), 43, who is the father of the family. I have a job to buy durian to export to foreign countries. At 8/8 Moo 4, Khun Krathong District, Chumphon Province, accused of Chumphon Province police. For the crime of others. This is a malicious business, by any means, using force. Others are in a state that can not be reversed. Or make others misunderstand other people. Make children under the age of 15, who are deceased. She is not a wife or husband. The child will either consent or will not investigate the city of Chumphon. The arrest was at the last shelter. Mr. C agrees to arrest, but fine. Do not resist or fight.

The investigating officer Mr C. confessed during the allegations. But they do not use force. My daughter And take the baby to an abortion. At a clinic in downtown Chumphon. I do not know who to take. The officer then sent the legal investigation officer. And to keep the prison cell before the plan to make a confession in the next.

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