Thursday , February 9 2023

Astronomers believe that "Omura Mura" is an alien spacecraft: PPTVHD36


Harvard University astronomers believe foreigners are making the cigar. Blinding the solar system and the world we went last year. It's an alien spaceship. He was sent to study the world.

Astronomers believe
Astronomers believe that "Omaha Mura" is an alien spacecraft.

The form of the bag The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) detected last year. I can not be ordinary objects. It can be a spacecraft. Aliens sent to explore the world – the astronomer at Harvard University.

Since the first detection in October 2560 the scientist is confused both in form and in its origin. Initially, scientists believed that Omaha-Mura was a comet, later transforming into an asteroid. Then change the definition. Foreign objects that move in deep space. This is the first object that has been defined.

After Mumu Mura traveled to Pluto's orbit. (From Our Solar System – January 2561) Scientists have discovered that the trajectory and speed of Omaha Moody have changed. Scientists can not explain how it happened. The only assumption is that Omaha Muoi does not have a natural origin. It is an alien spacecraft designed to travel in the depths of space. And he can be sent to explore our solar system and our planet.

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