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Basilosaurus used to be a great sea hunter.


Basilosaurus used to be a great sea hunter.

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Egypt is not just a pyramid or mummy that is interesting and a point of sale. There is also an important source of fossil fossils, known as Al Witton (Wadi Al Hitan), known as the Bale Valley, 140 kilometers south of Cairo, which at the end of the Eocene era was a small low depth, now the fossils are discovered. By sea

One of the interesting discoveries is the Old Remnants of a Missing Whale called Basilosaurus isis in this valley. In 2010, these whales increased to 15-18 meters in length. Long and sharp teeth are the properties of the evil hunter of the sea at that time It was identified between 34-38 million years ago and is considered a close relative of the whales What makes sure Basilosaurus Isis is a great hunter Since the paleontologists at the History Museum Natural History of Berlin in Germany It was examined and found that there were fossil sharks and old whale fossils called Doron Atrx (Dorudon atrox) in the fossil of the Isis fossil basil fossil.

Doron Atrx is a small whale that is only 5 meters long. The evidence has shown that some skull fragments have bite marks that are considered to be adequate enough for Basilisius Isis teeth. It is therefore possible that in those days, large whales of hunting may hunt and collapse small whales, even if they were close relatives.

Skeleton model, Basilosaurus, Isis and Doron. Credit: Voss et al., 2019

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