Wednesday , March 29 2023

Crazy Crazies – Creepy Cows


Hmong accident of the young wife of a house in Lal Kao district, Laksa, Phetchabun. The incident took place on the morning of November 18th. Later, police officer Lom Kao. I was told to go check. At 23, Ms. Duangjai was still pregnant while she was pregnant. He died in 7 months. The back and anus are four cutters, four of which are lacquered and two legs without legs, and the right arm is cut from the body. The organs were found next to the corpse. In addition, the head of the dead was stuck to recognize the face.

The villains who have killed this brutal body. She was 25 years old and was the husband of the deceased. Ask the villagers to know. On Mr. Chanchai's stage I used amphetamines before. He was treated But he is expected to come back again. Maniac and paranoid wife. He knocked and grabbed the knife. Mr. Chanchai's aunt tried to stop him until he was hit with a finger and his back was injured. I have to get out of my life for help. But later, the villagers went to check it, causing shocks. We found Mrs. Duangjai's body using a knife to brutally kill the body. However, later, police investigators. Mister. Chachai was arrested while driving a motorcycle. And the detainee at Lom Kao MR.

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