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On November 11, Dr. Chalermchai Boonyachalee, member of the National Legislative Assembly (NIA), as Commission Vice-President (KMT), Education and Sports NIA and former president of Srinakharinwirot University. The case of the Ministry of Public Health (TAT) is proposed to take consider the resolution of the Cabinet (Cabinet) to consider the resolution. Cabinet of April 17, 2516 to lift the fine of medical students breaking the contract of medical students from the sum of four hundred thousand baht to 2.5 million, the demand is effective from academic year 2562. Coordinated with students of the Institute of Medicine. And the associated agencies raising the penalty from 4,000 to 2,5 million are a necessary measure in the current situation. But not the best measure. To solve the lack of doctors from rural areas. Or provinces

Dr. Chalermchai said that it should be done along with other measures, such as allowing graduates with a moral moral incentive. And the allowance For the doctor who sacrificed the lack of space. today TBA. In progress For example, let's first study first in front of others or the number of heavy hours of work. And also tired. The support system, such as the staff to help. These are important and sustainable solutions for the lack of doctors from rural areas, rather than financially inappropriate physicians.

"Currently, doctors working in rural areas have a larger proportion of the population in the past, but not enough." When it is not enough, therefore, mandatory measures to work in rural areas or lack of space If the doctor does not go for "This is an additional measure." It is not the main measure Only people will say this, it is related to the feelings of the people, "Chalermchai said.

Dr. Chalermchai said that. The initial figure to adjust the contract is four hundred thousand is used for a long time. Time passes Inflation has increased. Maybe it's not current. It's not enough weight to hurt you for money. And the cost of state support must increase. However, the state does not want to receive fines. I want to get a doctor to help the poor in rural areas.

The reporter asked. There are critics who choose doctors for fines. Can he go to a more commercial doctor? Because fines are expensive. You may need to win. To get the money back to Dr. Chalermchai said there are some, but not very likely. This point depends on the morality of each person.

Source: Matichon Online

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