Thursday , June 8 2023

Loss of millions! Catch 2 corn mazes for kids who sell online corn blades. Money transfer before escape.


Catch 2 mom

Catch 2 mothers to sell corn corn corn through Facebook. Victims of Money Transfer We did not get a million, and I spoiled the OTOP people who ordered to do Krathong and do not pay. I do not know what to do.

2 Mother / At 11.45 on November 23 atDivision of Consumer Protection against Crime Major General Surachet Khunprabharn, MD, along with General Asan Krai Thong, 3, I'm not sure if this is the case.

Press release Mrs. Somruedee Full and Miss P. Pitchicha full of flames 2 Mae LuIn common fraud There are more than 40 people who are victims of the fraudulent purchase of corn husk. From the name group on Facebook. "Cheap corn starch" Total damages of more than 1.5 million

The price from 25-200 baht and ordered more than 50 pieces, which the victim ordered and transferred money. It is not possible to order or not the order. And when the victim calls the accused, he avoids sending. And he threatened again. If everything goes to court.

It's a good thing. The accused has also deceived the people of OTOP, the flower garden, Amphoe Kamphaeng Phet, over 20 people, which are the largest source of maize stones in Thailand. I do not pay. But the villagers do not dare to report. I do not think it will be a faulty management.

Later on November 21, officials of the Center for the Prevention and Fight of Crime in Information Technology (SOS) followed the arrest of two suspects. I found that the villains are doing bad with the computer. In a feature importing false data. So get ready to gather evidence. For other allegations.

Well, that's not the case. Statement of arrest. The accused was sentenced to death for romantic scams and criminal trials on November 17-23. The arrests could be carried out in a total of 20 cases, 25 arrests, most of which were accused Thai. The responsibility for opening an account at the Call Center is considered to be wrong.

He said next week he will arrest Thai married women who are registered with foreigners. I can go wrong in Thailand. By the way, the police did the massacre. Of the 300 original arrest warrants, so far only 54 mandate for the Thai people involved will follow the relevant law.

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